O Cosmedics Skin Inject - Dermal Roller

This Micro-Needling Therapy System/ Derma Roller (0.25mm) utilises 600 gamma-sterilised, micro-needles to effectively and visibly rejuvenate and regenerate the skin’s own natural healing response. The independently rotating disks with advanced silicon suspension system provide the most comfortable and beneficial treatment possible, whilst reducing procedure downtime. Perfect for assisting optimal product penetration. 

O COSMEDICS Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller supports:

• CIT Collagen Induction Therapy

• SRT Scar Reduction Therapy

• Cosmedical Product Infusion

• Skin Aging

• Lines and Wrinkles

• Acne and Pimples

• Enlarged Pores

• Pigmentation

• Refreshed, Revived and Awakened Complexion

How to:

Once or twice a week prior to rolling cleanse your skin. Work cleanser over whole face then rinse and dry skin. Gently roll your entire face for a couple of minutes, use the cross hatching method for optimal results. Imagine you are drawing an asterisk over each section * then move on.  Some tingling and redness post needling is to be expected. Apply a hydrating serum and nourishing moisturiser post rolling. Always use suncreen in the days following treatment to avoid UV damage. For more instructions please call us or watch the video below. Happy rolling!


Focus Slanted Tweezers

100% European made and packaged perfectly. These Focus brand tweezers use Soft Touch technology for a comfortable grip whilst ensuring they remove even the most stubborn hairs with minimal effort and pain. Tweezers are slanted on an angle to create maximum contact with each hair.


Peppermint Grove Candles 350g

These fragrant soy candles are handmade using high-quality Australian fragrances. They are poured into highly polished custom-designed glass and feature a polished silver lid that also acts as a protective barrier for surfaces, They're also perfect to be recylced into a lovely make up brush or pen holder!

A variety of scents are kept on our shelf so please contact the salon to enquire which scents we have in stock in your time of purchase.


Pure Fiji Sugar Glow Spa Box

  • 1oz Lotion
  • 1oz Exotic Oil
  • 2oz Sugar Rub
  • 0.5oz Body Butter

Available in Coconut or Coconut Lime Blossom. Transform your shower routine into a pampering ritual with this adorable spa box . Enjoy some peace: turn off your mobile, lock the door, turn on the shower and let all your troubles wash away ... Starting with an antioxidant infused sugar rub, rinse, then lock in a moisturizing treatment with our exotic body oil. Dry off,  slather on Pure Fiji’s body butter or hydrating lotion, breathe deep and enjoy smooth glowing skin! Divine.


Pure Fiji Sugar Rub 457mL

Renew and revitalize dull, dry and dehydrated skin with this natural exfoliation and extraordinary moisturizing treatment from the pristine islands of Fiji. Fresh sugar cane crystals containing naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl acids gently buff away dead skin cells, polish your skin clean and unclog pores. A blend of cold pressed virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extracts combine to nourish and seal in moisture to reveal softer, smoother, glowingly healthy beautiful skin. Layer body lotion or body butter on after use for the ultimate at home spa experience!


Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion (coconut lime blossom) 354mL

An ultimate all over body lotion, it is packed full of skin-saving ingredients, such as; vitamins A, B, C and E which intensely hydrate skin. This lotion smells delicious - like a tropical holiday in a bottle - thanks to its unique botanical infusions and coconut milk that provide your skin with complete nourishment and protection . Organic nut oils and essential fatty acids hug every inch, transforming skin into dewy perfection, while protecting it from harmful free radicals. Layer on after using sugar rub for the ultimate at home spa experience!



Pure Fiji Body Butter (coconut) 235mL

A luscious natural body butter made with organic nut oils that is completely free of harsh chemicals. This ultra-hydrating body butter enriches the skin with essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to soften, smooth and firm skin. This body butter is delicately infused with tropical scents that build to a delicous cocoon of creamy coconut. Layer body butter on after using sugar rub for the ultimate at home spa experience!

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