Thalgo Masque Shot - Flash Lift Shot Mask 20ml

This rich hydrating formula combines marine silicium and hyaluronic acid to help tighten and lift the appearance of ageing skin. Made from 100% biodegradable material, this marine-based mask is the perfect remedy for dull, ageing skin. In as little as 10 minutes, the mineral-rich formula helps to deeply hydrate skin while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Includes one sheet mask.


Thalgo Masque Shot - Thirst Quenching Shot Mask 20ml

Give your skin a hydrating boost with this serum-drenched sheet mask. Formulated from a signature Thalgo blend, rich in mineral and trace elements from the ocean, this marine-based mask helps to effortlessly diffuse active ingredients into the skin, leaving skin feeling plump and nourished. Reach for this when your skin is feeling dry, tight or dehydrated.

Includes one sheet mask


Thalgo Masque Shot - Energy Booster Shot Mask 20ml

An energising super shot for the skin, this anti-fatigue face mask helps to instantly revitalise the appearance of lackluster skin, reducing visible signs of dullness and fatigue. Made from 100% biodegrable fibres and infused with spirulina and marine magnesium, this refreshing face mask floods skin with moisture and vital antioxidants for refreshed, radiant-looking skin in a flash.


Includes one sheet mask.


MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque 75ml

An abulance in a tube! This intensive masque of concentrated vitamins and botanical extracts to calm environmentally-stressed skin. Firming Vitamin A increases elasticity and moisture content while antioxidant Vitamin C aids in collagen synthesis, restoring suppleness. Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 promote healthy tissue regeneration, while calming botanical extracts of Licorice, Comfrey and Burdock soothe the skin.


Charcoal Rescue Masque 75ml

This all-in-one facial masque addresses skin ageing, dullness, breakouts and sensitivity simultaneously for a healthy, vibrant glow. Activated Binchotan Charcoal absorbs impurities while Sulfur promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin. Suitable for all skin conditions.


Skin Hydrating Masque 75ml

A refreshing, moisturising masque to remedy dry, stressed skin. Unique cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for lasting suppleness.



Deeply Nourishing Mask 50mL

This lipid rich SOS treatment slowly infuses fatty acids into the skin to reduce roughness, flakiness and feelings of discomfort and itchiness. Perfect for dry or irritated skin.


Ultra Hydra Marine Mask 50mL

Enriched with two Hyaluronic Acids, this radiance boosting mask works in just 5 minutes to infuse hydration at the heart of the skin and instantly plumps and smoothens it.

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