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IPL - Rejuvenate and Reduce

An intense pulsed light procedure which dramatically reduces hair by destroying the hair follicle with heat and preventing future growth.

Through skin rejuvenation it also improves skin texture and tone, treats pigmentation, stimulates collagen production and minimizes unsightly blood vessels. IPL can also be used for rosacea, active acne as well as acne scarring.

Be Naturally You uses a state of the art, professional grade machine which is TGA approved and provides comfortable and safe results. (All treatments include a free consultation with our fully qualified therapists).

Skin Rejuvenation
Plump and renew your skin from within! IPL targets collagen in the dermal layers of the skin, stimulating and renewing collagen production. The result is plumper and more evenly textured skin.

Using IPL we can treat pigmented spots and uneven skin tone. IPL creates heat in the skin which shatters pigment into fragments and allows the lymphatic system to remove unwanted pigmentation.

IPL is able to target the sebaceous glands in the skin and help heal acne. IPL also kills bacteria inside the pores, controls over active oil production, whilst calming inflammation. Kill those pesky breakouts once and for all!

IPL is able to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and general diffused redness. The IPL targets blood inside the vessel, heating and coagulating the blood and therefore taking the redness away.


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